Sunglasses – like many categories of outdoor gear – continue to evolve to meet the needs of specific sports. And manufacturers adapt their offerings with very specific features to differentiate themselves in the market. Interchangeable lenses, polarization, photo chromatic technologies, magnification, carbon fiber frames, gaskets and lanyards are just a few of the elements that companies combine and re-combine for their latest solutions to the needs of the cyclist. Here are three top options with very reasonable sub-$100 MSRPs:

Dual Eyewear M8 – Designed specifically for the cyclist, Dual Eyewear’s claim to fame is their use of built-in magnification. With lens powers of +1.5 to +2.5, the new M8s will help you see the small digits on your bar-mounted cycling computer. See review.

Native Triumph – Native popularized the use of polarization in sports-specific eyewear, broadening it from water and snow sports to just about every activity. The styling is killer on the Triumph, one of their more entry-level products, but it still boasts the same top-notch lenses. See review.

Tifosi Dolomite 2.0Tifosi Dolomite 2.0 – Tifosi hangs its hat on adaptability and the Dolomite 2.0 is a perfect example of how the company puts that into practice. Our sample came with three sets of lenses designed specifically for a variety of cycling situations. It’s also available with photo-sensitive (aka photo chromatic) lenses that lighten/darken with the conditions. See review.

All three of the above products, and others from these manufacturers, will serve you well on the road and trail. They have great hardcore looks, terrific lenses and cycling-specific features. Read the detailed reviews and make your pick. And leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Dual Eyewear and Tifosi for providing product for this review.