Quick Take Review

Best camera strap ever? The Lance All-in-One just might be that illusive item. I’ve been looking at them off-and-on for several months now and finally decided to pull the trigger.

Part of what took me so long was carefully considering all the options presented by Lance (indeed the name of the man behind this custom camera strap company). They have wrist straps and neck straps. Some are adjustable, others are not. There are multiple types of connectors: quick connects, string loops, o-rings and webbing. And then there’s the materials. You can pick either leather or polyester cord. Then choose a color or colors, as the case may be. The cord option comes in no fewer than nine variants including black, burgundy, red, beige, dark blue, olive green, gray, blue and brown. Webbing has four options. Leather has two. Then the length, short, regular or long. Or Lance will custom cut it to your specified measurement. I think that might just be 300 million different combinations (okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point. It’s a lot of different ways to customize a strap).

Ultimately, I chose the All-in-One in black cord and orange webbing. I wanted a strap that would allow for a wearing sling-style across the body. The long length of 50-60 inches seemed right after careful measurement. I placed my order on a Thursday and the strap arrived less than a week later in a nice craft box with understated black Lance tag attached.

A little bit more about the All-in-One. It’s made up of two components – the cord (main strap) and two webbing elements that connect directly to the camera. The webbing includes quick-release buckles that connect to the corresponding buckles on the cord ends or to each other (for use a wrist strap or short handle).

Out of the box, the quality of construction of both elements was outstanding, mind-bogglingly good actually. The webbing practically glows, it’s so crisp and nicely stitched at the buckle ends. The cord is robust at eight millimeters in diameter, big enough so no additional neck or shoulder padding is required for comfortable wear. The cord also has a nice sheen to it and is soft on the neck. The long length worked well for me (it may be just a tad long actually) but easily allows for over-the-shoulder and across-the-body wear.

So is the Lance All-in-One the best camera strap ever? I’m saying “yes.” It’s gorgeous and beautifully made. It’s highly customizable and hard wearing. It’s versatile and can be used as a wrist strap, neck strap or sling. And at $47 MSRP, it’s a relative bargain. Find them at lancecamerastraps.com.

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