First Impressions

Back in the day, Brooks made a terrific running short called the Essential. We loved the Essential Short, especially for running while traveling. It had one feature we found absolutely essential — the zippered rear pocket.

Why so important? Well, when traveling, we often take a morning run and stop for coffee on the way back to the room. How do you carry that all important credit card? In your open, flappy front pocket? Hell no. In the secure zippered rear, of course. It’s perfect for carrying your room key too. We bemoaned the fact that Brooks discontinued the Essential a while back and asked Brooks to bring back this favorite.

Good news, Brooks listened. Although the Essential isn’t back, the rear pocket is in the company’s new Rush 7-inch Short. Whoohoo!


Here’s a quick rundown of features. Two front pockets. Drawstring waist (beefed up from the old Essential). Seven-inch length. There’s a nine-inch version too. Comfortable liner. Reflective accents. And the all-important rear zippered pocket. There’s an inner key pocket as well (never use ‘em).

Weight: 13 oz. (mens medium)
Fabrics: 86% polyester/14% spandex

The Rush Short comes in a nice stretch fabric, a blend of poly and spandex. Color combos range from the everyday solid black and gray, to striped, blocked and other patterns.


Brooks describes the fit as mid-rise. Works for us. They ride lower than our old Essentials but hey, times have changed and so has fit preference. The liner is boxer style vs. brief and is comfortable. No complaints in the fit department.

Final Verdict

I don’t know how long the Rush will be around, so I’m grabbing a few pair for the gear closet. If I were you, I’d do the same. The rear pocket is a thing of beauty, and becoming more and more rare..Find them at Campsaver.

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