Saucony gear treated us right over the years. We ran in Triumphs, Hurricanes and Guides. The Boston pant remains top of the heap for cold winter outings. Some of their gear made our Best of Lists too. So when we were in the market for some new running tees, we looked for Sauncy and found the Saucony Seamless Body Mapped shirt at Sierra Trading Post for a very reasonable price. A couple of clicks and the shirt was on its way. And upon arrival, it made a very favorable impression.


The Saucony Seamless Body Mapped T-shirt feels great in the hand. The shirt provides more heft than the average running shirt. A little more weighty, a little thicker cloth and some nice detailing round out the offering.

Body mapped construction
Lay flat seams
Reflective accents
63% nylon, 37% polyester

The seamless shirt isn’t completely seamless. There are some that lay flat despite the name. It does, however, boast a tagless neck. Saucony strategically places fabrics of various textures throughout the body, across the chest and shoulders. And that fabric stretches nicely when running and working out.


The fit is a bit funky unfortunately. Tight around the chest and shoulders. Feels somewhat constricting. It also runs small so don’t be afraid to size up.

Final Verdict

Overall, despite the Saucony Seamless Body Mapped T-shirts fit issues, it’s a pretty darn decent option. Once I got on the trail, the fit became less of an issue for me, and the extra weight was welcome on cooler fall days. Thumps up, not way up, but up nonetheless. Especially given the Sierra Trading Post price of just $10. Find it here.

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