First Impressions

This is a hiking shoe? And a trail runner? It’s an approach shoe too? Really?

I don’t usually use the word sleek when commenting about outdoor footwear, but that is what the Scapa Epic is. Frankly, it looks too sleek and fashionable to deliver the performance of three shoes in one. But the Scarpa Epic does.

The company calls the shoe a hybrid or multisport shoe, “balancing trail runner technology with approach shoe design and light trail function.” The sole is rugged and grippy, great for lots of different kinds of terrain. The upper is simply great looking. Muted green and grey combine for a look that is equally wearable on the trail or out and about for the day.


My favorite feature of the Scarpa Epic is the sticky rubber on the sole. The company uses a proprietary blend that, like compounds from Vibram and FiveTen, provides plenty of grip.

Upper: Suede, recycled materials
Sole: Proprietary sticky rubber
Weight: 23 oz per pair

Outdoors they provide lots of traction in a variety of conditions. They hold well on steep trails, dusty paths and slippery mud and rock.

In addition, I was impressed by the Scarpa Epics waterproofing. This summer, I wore them on a camping trip that ended up very rainy. They worked well on many different surfaces during the weekend. I felt sure-footed in slippery mud, loose gravel, and indoors on wet linoleum. In addition, during our rain-drenched weekend in the mountains, my feet stayed warm and dry—I hadn’t anticipated needing to stay dry and the Scarpa Epics surprised me with their ability to keep my feet out of the drenching puddles.


The approach shoe styling is evident in the lacing of the Scarpa Epic From top to bottom the laces measure almost 4 3/4”, providing lots of flexibility in lacing across more of the foot. I prefer a fairly snug fit and was able to lace snugly from midfoot to the top of the shoe, leaving the toe box more open.

Overall, the shoe fits a bit more narrowly than many outdoor shoes. With other shoes, I sometimes have trouble with heel area being too wide, but not with these. The fit is extremely comfortable, providing plenty of cushion for all day on your feet, whether on a dusty path or sightseeing in the city.

Final Verdict

I‘ve worn the Scarpa Epics in a variety of conditions and they perform well and look great everywhere. They are so comfortable that they have become a favorite for any activity where I know I will be on my feet for an extended period. Recommended.

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Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Scarpa and Verde PR for providing product for this review. Written by Cheryl K.